Poush Mela – Shantiniketan, West Bengal

Poush Mela is a fair and festival that takes place in Santiniketan, in Birbhum District in the Indian state of West Bengal. The festival happens annually and it marks the beginning of the harvest season. The fair starts on the 7th day of the month of ‘Poush’, in the Bengali calendar, the fair officially lasts for three days, but from 2017, the fair has been … Continue reading Poush Mela – Shantiniketan, West Bengal


Some time back when we started planning the trip, we read up a lot on Bonalu. But as far as research on the internet goes, we weren’t sure if the information we got was correct or not. We had also called the Telengana Tourism department confirmed that the festival was happening on that sunday we had very little other information about the time and place. … Continue reading Bonalu

High Walls (Ongoing series)

Beaches are celebrated to be a neighborhood for recreation, a place to let go of the day-to-day life and have a quiet time. It is, in most metropolitan cities, also known for its beach side properties and sea-facing villas for the affluent communities. But Mumbai, India’s economy capital differs from most cities. In this city, the beach becomes a liaison for the prosperous and the … Continue reading High Walls (Ongoing series)

Chennai – A City With A Spirit

Amidst relief work and chaos following a flood that rocked the capital city of Tamil Nadu, we decided that coverage of Chennai was well overdue. I packed my bags and headed to Chennai, also known as Madras to see how the city was coping with the unexpected disaster. I reached Chennai on Friday, 11th December. The rains had stopped a couple of days back, but … Continue reading Chennai – A City With A Spirit